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Watch Penn State Fans Find Out Ohio State Beat Michigan

Penn State fans were pumped to learn Ohio State beat Michigan.

It's not often a Penn State fan roots for Ohio State to win a game. Well, that was exactly the scenario as the Buckeyes took on Michigan on Saturday. The Nittany Lions needed Ohio State to beat the Wolverines in order for Penn State to have a shot to win the Big Ten.

Ohio State took care of business, and this is how fans at the Penn State game reacted when they found out the news:

Nittany Lions fans can be happy that Ohio State did its job. But the Lions aren't out of the woods yet.

Now, Penn State needs to beat Michigan State this afternoon to advance to the Big Ten Championship Game. If Penn State loses, Ohio State would move on to the Big Ten title game against Wisconsin.

Penn State currently trails Michigan State 6-0 at the end of the first quarter.