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Watch: Penn State's Coaching Staff Challenged The Players To A Dodgeball Tournament

The Penn State coaching staff took on the players in a dodgeball duel.

Generally when an older generation takes on a youthful generation in an athletic competition, hilarity ensues. Well, that's exactly what happened when the Penn State football coaching staff challenged the players to a dodgeball tournament.

Head coach James Franklin sat his players down and let them know what the day's practice would conclude -- a duel against the staff. Needless to say, the players were psyched to get the opportunity to take on their coaches.

The only sad part about this video is that we don't know who won and who lost the tournament. Perhaps it's better for both sides that the end result isn't known. We can only sit here and wonder how competitive the final moments of the match were.

James Franklin started out the conversation by recounting the team's goals for the future. Last year the Nittany Lions shocked the football world and won the Big Ten Championship Game over the Wisconsin Badgers. They followed that up with a disappointing loss in the Rose Bowl, but at least they made the game competitive.

Penn State hopes the 2017 season brings them the same level of success as the 2016 season, and beyond.