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Watch: Vanderbilt's Sarah Fuller Kicks Off Second Half vs. Missouri

Sarah Fuller kicks off for Vanderbilt against Missouri.

SEC Network

The Vanderbilt Commodores are 0-7 on the season, likely to move to 0-8 as they trail Missouri 24-0 in Columbia on Saturday afternoon. But they still found a way to make major history this season.

Vanderbilt women's soccer goalie Sarah Fuller is now the first woman to play college football for a 'Power 5' school. Fuller kicked off the second half against the Tigers to wild cheers from the opposing crowd.

Fuller wasn't afforded the opportunity to try any field goals or extra points in the first half - because Vanderbilt never got in range and never scored.

As for her kick, it appears to have been an intentional squib. Missouri recovered it on its own 35-yard-line.

Vanderbilt has had kicking issues all season - due to COVID-19 and inconsistent play. Fuller had been practicing with the team this week in hopes of making it into the game.

Here's video. It's a historic moment for women in the sports world for sure.

It's unclear if Fuller will retain kicking responsibilities for the rest of the game. Vanderbilt would actually have to threaten to score for it to matter anyway.