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Here's What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State In 2016

What each state googled more than others chart.

It's always interesting to see what people are Googling in a given time period. 2016, as you'll see, was one weird year.

The map below, put together by Estately, shows the Google search terms that were searched more in each state than any other state. To be clear, it doesn't show the most-searched terms by volume.

There are a number of sports-related terms in the map.

  • "Cupping therapy" in Montana is almost certainly an ode to Michael Phelps
  • "Peyton Manning retirement" in Colorado
  • "Kevin Durant decision" in Oklahoma
  • "Kobe Bryant retirement" in Arkansas
  • "Beyonce Halftime Show" in Louisiana
  • "Craig Sager" in Illinois
  • "Gordie Howe" in Michigan
  • "Muhammad Ali" in Kentucky
  • "Simone Manuel" in Maryland"
  • "Ryan Lochte" in Connecticut
  • "Arnold Palmer" in Pennsylvania
  • "3-1 lead" in Ohio

Here's the entire map:

What each state Googled more than others.

Any surprises?