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What Jim Harbaugh Told His Kicker During Apparent Heated Conversation

Jim Harbaugh is not happy on the Michigan sideline.

Here's what was said.

A video went viral on Saturday afternoon showing Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh having what appeared to be a heated interaction with kicker Quinn Nordin during the win over Maryland.

After the game, the Wolverines' coach revealed what happened.

Harbaugh said he was simply telling his kicker to make his kicks.

This was the video:

And this was Harbaugh's explanation, from the Toledo Blade:

When Harbaugh was asked about the exchange, he said he told Nordin, “Start making them!”

“I think anger is a powerful motivator,” Harbaugh added. “I have an article from the Wall Street Journal on that. They’ve actually done a study.”

But Harbaugh was also quick to shoot down a reporter’s inquiry that termed the conversation between he and Nordin as “heated.”

“He didn’t really snap back,” Harbaugh said. “I just said to him, “I'm giving you one more shot. You’ve got to make the next one.’ And he said, ‘I got this. I will make the next one.’ There was no heated exchange.”

Nordin, the recruit who Harbaugh had a sleepover with, finished the day 0 for 1 but did make 5 extra points.