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Who Michigan State Might Hire If Mark Dantonio Is Indeed Ousted

Mark Dantonio speaks to reporters.

Here's who the Spartans might hire if Mark Dantonio is ousted.

Mark Dantonio's future at Michigan State is up in the air. The Spartans' head coach was a target in ESPN's Outside The Lines report, detailing the problems with the handling of sexual assault allegations at the university.

ESPN reported that at least 16 players have been accused of sexual assault since Dantonio took over as head coach. In one case, Dantonio allegedly dealt with the accusation by having the player speak to his mother.

Dantonio has denied the allegations. He says reports of his mishandling are "completely false."

“Every incident reported in that article was documented either by police or the Michigan State Title IX office. I’ve always worked with the proper authorities when dealing with sexual assault,” Dantonio said last Friday.

No one knows what's going to happen moving forward. And when dealing with things as serious as sexual assault, football should obviously come second (or third or fourth).

Still, it's fair to wonder about the future of Michigan State's program. Will Dantonio be the Spartans' head coach at the start of the 2018 season? If not, who will replace him?

This is what Yahoo! Sports wrote about the future of the program a year ago, when Dantonio's status was again up in the air:

It’d be foolish to cast Dantonio as being squarely on the hot seat for 2017. But it would be equally naïve to believe that Michigan State administrators don’t need to see drastically different results on and off the field to have the same support for Dantonio after this season. Lukewarm can simmer quickly to hot. And don’t think for a second that MSU brass isn’t aware of the job former defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi is doing at Pittsburgh. He’d clearly be their top target to replace Dantonio.

Narduzzi coached under Dantonio from 2007-14. It's possible that Michigan State (if it does make a change) would want to hire someone completely unaffiliated with the Dantonio reign.

Stay tuned.