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Why Is The NFL Draft In May This Year? Here's Your Answer

NFL fans look forward to the last week of April every year. That's when every team gets to reload its roster with young talent, via the NFL Draft, and set itself up for a Super Bowl run - at least, that's what supporters are hoping for. But this year, football fans had to wait an extra two weeks to see who their favorite franchise was going to build its future around. Why? The answer is actually fairly innocuous. 

Radio City Music Hall, which hosts the annual event, had an Easter show planned for late April. Hence, the draft was pushed back two weeks to accommodate.

In reality, there isn't much of a negative effect on the teams or NFL personnel involved. But for the players, their families and their agents, the extra two weeks of waiting is a bit agonizing. The draft is set to begin this Thursday at 8 PM and finish up late Saturday afternoon. You can catch coverage on either ESPN or the NFL Network.