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Why Ohio State Was Playing 2-Hand Touch In The Spring Game

Urban Meyer applauses his team during the spring game.

Here's why Ohio State was playing two-hand touch in its spring game.

Ohio State's football team started its spring game by playing two-hand touch.

This did not please the 80,000-plus fans who paid to be at the glorified scrimmage in Ohio Stadium, nor was it OK with those watching it home.

Dozens of media members and Buckeye fans expressed their frustration with the no-tackling game on social media.

Following the game, an explanation was provided.

From Eleven Warriors:

The Buckeyes switched things up midway through the second quarter, though — when most of the starters were out of the game — but Meyer was also asked about the no tackling rule after the game.

"We've done that before," he said. "After the 2014 season, we had a veteran group come back and I wanted — it's either you don't play some guys or you kind of restrict the tackling and keep guys up. I wanted them to experience the crowd and play and finish a good spring."

"So we did, I think, three series with the 1s, two series with the 2s and we call that thud tempo just to keep everybody up," Meyer continued. "Then we let the guys that don't play much, scrimmage."

So, there you go.

And while it was a little annoying to watch them playing two-hand touch, as long as the team is healthy and ready to go come the fall, that's all you can ask for.