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Wisconsin QB Recruit Has A Message For Urban Meyer, Ohio State

Ohio State tried to get Chase Wolf, a dual-threat quarterback recruit in the 2018 class, to commit. Instead, he's going to another Big Ten program.

The 6-foot-2 quarterback out of Cincinnati is committed to Wisconsin. He'll be playing for the Badgers.

Wolf recently detailed his recruitment by Ohio State. He also revealed what he ended up telling the Buckeyes.

The quarterback had a message for Urban Meyer: I'll see you in the Big Ten Championship Game.

“He just talked to me saying, ‘So, we’re going to be able to flip you, right?’ ” Wolf recalled to Land of 10’s Jesse Temple. “I’m like, ‘No, no. We’ll see you in the Big Ten championship.”

Wolf went into more detail about what went down:

“He was serious. I talked to Ryan Day asking if I was interested at all. I told him that I wasn’t really that interested. But then a week later, he came into school.”

“It was before one our games. He’s friends with Coach Specht because he actually coached at my high school. He was in the office. He just talked to me saying how, he’s like so we’re going to be able to flip you, right? I’m like, no, no. we’ll see you in the Big Ten championship. He coached against my quarterbacks coach in the Sugar Bowl, and we kind of had a laugh about that, but that was about it.”

Ohio State ended up signing another quarterback in the 2018 class. The Buckeyes landed four-star Matthew Baldwin out of Texas.

An Ohio State-Wisconsin Big Ten Championship Game is definitely a possibility, too. Wolf could end up getting his wish.