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Would Oklahoma Consider Joining The Big Ten?

An Oklahoma columnist wonders what that move would be like and how it would be perceived.

Berry Tramel, a sports columnist for The Oklahoman, published a column today about the possibility of Oklahoma joining the Big Ten.

OU in the Big Ten doesn't sound right.


But as I wrote the other day, if the Sooners ever leave the Big 12, the Big Ten would be the destination of choice. But contrary to what I wrote the other day, getting to the Big Ten might not be as difficult as thought.

There's been talk about Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 some day and while the SEC or Pac-12 might be more-likely destinations, the Big Ten would probably be the most fun.

Especially if the league added three other schools with the Sooners:

  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Notre Dame

Here's what potential Big Ten divisions could look like.

East Division

  • Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State

West Division

  • Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin

Who wouldn't want to see that?