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Zach Smith Calls Out "Vindictive" Ex-Wife After Recent Arrest

zach smith gives an interview on espn

Earlier this week, police arrested former Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith for violating his Civil Protection Order.

According to multiple reports, Smith became confrontational with the staff at Scioto Ridge Elementary when they did not allow him to pick up his children from the school.

On Saturday morning, Smith took to Twitter to clarify the situation. According to Smith, he informed the school he would be picking his kids up, but the principal alerted his ex-wife, Courtney.

She then traveled to the school, putting Smith in violation of his CPO. He asked the principal to call the police, though Courtney Smith placed a call to the police instead.

Smith's statement claims his "vindictive" ex-wife is a "dangerous force."

"I will continue to be what I have ALWAYS been. A great dad. Fighting to see his kids when the United States COURTS say I should. And also protecting them from the craziest, mentally ill human being I have ever encountered. Another court case, another screw up by Delaware county...all will be righted," Smith said in his statement.

Ohio State relieved Smith of his duties as the team’s wide receivers coach following his alleged involvement in a domestic violence scandal involving his wife. Smith denied the allegations.

Stay tuned for the latest on the developing situation.