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7 Of College Basketball's Top 10 Teams Lost On Saturday

Arizona cheerleaders perform during game.

TUCSON, AZ - DECEMBER 9: The Arizona Wildcats cheer the first half of the college basketball game at McKale Center on December 9, 2015 in Tucson, Arizona.(Photo by Nils Nilsen/Getty Images)

If Saturday was any indication, the 2022 NCAA Tournament is going to be crazy.

Seven of the top 10 teams in the AP Top 25 lost on Saturday, proving to be one of the craziest days in the sport's history. And no, that's not an exaggeration.

  • No. 1 Gonzaga lost to Saint Mary's 67-57
  • No. 2 Arizona lost to Colorado 79-63
  • No. 3 Auburn lost to No. 17 Tennessee 67-62
  • No. 4 Purdue lost to Michigan State 68-65
  • No. 5 Kansas lost to No. 10 Baylor 80-70
  • No. 6 Kentucky lost to No. 18 Arkansas 75-73
  • No. 9 Texas Tech lost to TCU 69-66

Per ESPN, this is the first day in college basketball history that seven top-10 teams lost on the same day.

"Per ESPN broadcast, with No. 1 Gonzaga now going down, this is the first day in college basketball history where seven top-10 teams have lost," tweeted Nathan King. 

It's also the first time in the sport's history that each of the top-six college basketball teams lost on the same day.

"This is the first time every top six team has lost on the same day 💥 No. 1 Gonzaga L 💥 No. 2 Arizona L 💥 No. 3 Auburn L 💥 No. 4 Purdue L 💥 No. 5 Kansas L 💥 No. 6 Kentucky L HISTORIC DAY IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL 🤯," tweeted the official NCAA March Madness account.

March Madness is right around the corner, but we got an early glimpse on Saturday.

Which of Saturday's upsets was your favorite?