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Analyst Would Be Surprised If The Celtics Don't Take Jayson Tatum

Boston is now projected to make a surprising pick at No. 3 overall.

The general consensus among NBA people seems to be that Kansas' Josh Jackson is going to Boston at No. 3 overall - if the Celtics don't make another big trade.

Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer has another idea, though.

The NBA writer says he'll be surprised if Boston doesn't go with Duke freshman Jayson Tatum in that spot.

"He checks all the boxes as a shot maker," O'Connor writes.

O'Connor says that Tatum's "best-case scenario" in the NBA is becoming a Danny Granger/Paul Pierce/Rudy Gay type player.

Boston would take that.

But are the Celtics going to hold onto that pick and not attempt to trade it for a Jimmy Butler or Paul George?

We'll see.