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Watch: Sean Miller, Steve Alford Exchange Words In Handshake Line After Late Timeout

Sean Miller and Steve Alford come face to face in handshake line.


Arizona head coach Sean Miller got revenge on Steve Alford by calling a meaningless timeout up 11 with just one second remaining in the game.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and Arizona head coach Sean Miller got his last night in the final moments of the Pac-12 semi-final matchup between Arizona and UCLA.

With only 0.9 seconds remaining in the game, and the Wildcats up 11, Miller called a pointless timeout. The post-game exchange between Miller and UCLA head coach Steve Alford was pretty tense.

Check it out:

But let's go back to where this petty feud started for some much-needed context. Miller was apparently getting payback for their last meeting on February 25, when Alford called a timeout with two seconds remaining in the game, despite the Bruins being up by five. Alford obviously took offense to the timeout, and explained that his own timeout on February 25 was to "set up his defense."

Miller, however, didn't agree with that reasoning. He explained that he "wanted to make sure his guys had poise with one second left" just like Alford did in in the earlier matchup.

I suppose the teams are even now.

The Wildcats will take on the Oregon Ducks tonight in the Pac-12 tournament championship game.