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Predicting The Future Coaches Of College Basketball's Top Programs

Meet the future head coaches of college basketball's elite programs.

The college basketball coaching carousel has already begun.

Illinois, LSU and Missouri have already hired new coaches. Indiana and Oklahoma State will be doing the same shortly. Whomever those programs hire will likely spur more movement (for example, who would UCLA hire if Steve Alford leaves for the Hoosiers?).

In honor of the college basketball coaching carousel beginning, we've attempted to predict the future head coaches of college basketball's top programs.

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Start With Duke ??? >>>

Duke: Arizona's Sean Miller

Miller is thriving at Arizona and making a ton of money, but when Duke comes calling whenever Coach K decides to retire, he's not going to be able to say no.

Next: Michigan State >>>

Michigan State: Virginia's Tony Bennett

Bennett has built the Cavaliers into a power and the Charlottesville, Va. program has a ton to offer. Michigan State is one of college basketball's premier programs, though. And Bennett would be such a good fit in East Lansing, Mich.

Next: Indiana >>>

Indiana: UCLA's Steve Alford

This one just feels like it's going to happen.

Next: North Carolina >>>

North Carolina: Texas' Shaka Smart

Smart is young, already leading a premier program and has ties to the southern Virginia/North Carolina region from his time at VCU.

Next: Kansas >>>

Kansas: Wake Forest's Danny Manning

Manning is a Jayhawks legend and has a promising coaching career ahead of him, currently leading Wake Forest's program.

Next: Texas >>>

Texas: Gregg Marshall

Marshall could be a candidate for the Indiana and Oklahoma State openings this offseason, but if he doesn't land the Hoosiers job and decides to pass on the Cowboys' opening, he might just end up waiting on Smart to eventually leave Texas.

Next: Arizona >>>

Arizona: Xavier's Chris Mack

Why not go from one Xavier coach in Sean Miller to another one in Chris Mack?

Next: Louisville ??? >>>

Louisville: Cincinnati's Mick Cronin

Cronin has Cincinnati contending in the NCAA Tournament every season and the step up to Louisville makes a lot of sense when Rick Pitino decides to retire.

Rick Pitino speaking during a Louisville press conference.


Next: Ohio State >>>

Ohio State: Dayton's Archie Miller

This one might come sooner than you think. The Buckeyes have been struggling under Thad Matta and it wouldn't be surprising if a change comes in a season or two. Archie Miller is the obvious pick.

Next: Kentucky >>>

Kentucky: Villanova's Jay Wright

At some point, Coach Cal is going to leave Kentucky and it'll probably be sooner than Wildcats fans want him to. When he does, plucking Jay Wright from Villanova would be a great move. He'd likely make the leap despite being really happy.

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