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CBS Announcer Being Criticized For What He Said About Allie LaForce

CBS color commentator Jim Spanarkel might want to avoid searching his name on Twitter when he's done calling the Bucknell-West Virginia game.

Spanarkel, who is calling the games in Buffalo today with Verne Lundquist, is catching heat for a remark he made about CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce.

Following a report from LaForce, Spanarkel said he agreed with her assessment because "I've learned not to argue with pretty women."

Here are some of the tweets that ensued from people who heard Spanarkel.

More people probably would have heard Spanarkel if we weren't in the middle of the mad rush of having several games on at once.

If we were guessing, Spanarkel probably meant what he said in a complementary or joking manner. His words came off as awkward and a bit patronizing to some though, so it wouldn't be surprising if he issued some sort of statement or explanation.