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Charles Barkley Has Brutally Honest Comment On The NCAA

Charles Barkley speaks on TNT.


Charles Barkley absolutely blasted the NCAA and its leaders is a pretty epic rant on Sunday.

The former NBA great called out the NCAA for its struggles to oversee college hoops. He even went as far to say the NCAA is the "Barney Fife of the world." Barney Fife was a fictional character from The Andy Griffith Show, known for his arrogant personality yet clueless expertise.

"The NCAA they are like the Barney Fife of the world. They do an awful job of administrating,” Barkley said on Sunday. “We got guys on tape paying players, three years ago – they ain’t said nothing about it. The NCAA, they are so far behind the times, they are so reactive."

Barkley also went onto say the NCAA has to do better in creating equality between men's and women's hoops. The NCAA has been under fire in past weeks for the differences between the amenities at the men's and women's NCAA Tournament sites.

One of the glaring issues the NCAA didn't appear to find a problem with was the difference between the men's and women's weight rooms at the NCAA Tournament sites. Men's teams had access to world-class weight-lifting set-ups. The women's site included a few dumbbells, yoga mats and not much else.

Fortunately, a widespread social-media campaign provoked change. The NCAA has since upgraded the weight-lifting set-up for women's teams at their NCAA Tournament.

The NCAA has plenty of issues it has yet to sort out. But the weight-lifting situation is just one example of how mass outrage can spark change within collegiate athletics. Barkley is the latest icon trying to spark such change.