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Charles Barkley Is Openly Rooting Against One Team In The NCAA Tournament

Charles Barkley is taking his feud with LaVar Ball to a new level.

While on the CBS Sports set during Friday's NCAA Tournament action, Barkley donned a Kent State jersey. That's the team UCLA is playing in the first round on Friday night.

LaVar Ball, whose son is of course Bruins freshman star Lonzo Ball, had a back-and-forth with Barkley during the week. After mocking LaVar's basketball accomplishments, Barkley dropped the hammer.

"I'm going to wear a jersey until they lose. Every team [they play]," Barkley said. "He’s (LaVar Ball) going to be following the camera around. So I need them to lose so we quit showing him.”

Here is the full clip.

Kent State alum and New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman saw Barkley wearing his alma mater's jersey and tweeted about it.

As long as UCLA remains dancing, LaVar isn't going anywhere. But he's probably not going to shy away from the spotlight once the Bruins' season is over anyway.

On a side note, maybe I'm crazy, but I think a LaVar Ball-Charles Barkley 1-on-1 game would be oddly entertaining.