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Danny Kanell Says This ESPN Analyst's Suggestion Is "Asinine"

Earlier Tuesday ESPN analyst Jalen Rose laid down his suggestion for how college basketball players can impact their own future, and the futures of other college basketball players to come. Much of the conversation recently has centered around whether or not college athletes should be paid, especially since the FBI's involvement.

Rose isn't alone, as many former players and coaches believe these college athletes should get something for their likeness. The former Michigan star supposed a bold move for college basketball players this March: boycott the tournament.

He called for it on Jalen & Jacoby on Monday.

“I wish NCAA players understood the power that they now have. In a climate of so many things that are changing, so many discussions that have now come to the forefront that have been closeted for so very long – for a multitude of reasons. I wish NCAA players would exercise that power by boycotting the NCAA tournament.”

One former ESPN analyst doesn't agree. Former Russillo & Kanell co-host Danny Kanell called out Rose for his suggestion, calling it asinine.

Here's what Kanell had to say.

College basketball players would need a massive undertaking to get on the same page for a potential boycott. It's not going to happen, but it would definitely get the attention of the masses if it did.

Conference tournaments begin this week. The NCAA Tournament starts two weeks from Thursday.