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ESPN Makes Huge Announcement About Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale breaks down the 2018 NCAA Tournament bracket.

Dick Vitale is going to be calling college basketball games for the foreseeable future. ESPN has announcing a lot of news about its broadcasters today. The latest: a Dick Vitale contract extension.

Vitale is probably the No. 1 ambassador for college basketball in the country. While his role has been somewhat reduced in recent years, he still calls some of the biggest games in the sport for ESPN. Now, he'll be around through at least the 2021 season.

ESPN announced the news this afternoon. From its release:

“ESPN has been family to me and I am honored that they want me to continue being a contributor on our college basketball team,” Vitale said. “ESPN has provided me a forum that has turned my dreams to reality. I feel young at heart. I said once, and I will say it again – my goal is to be the first in broadcasting to open a hoops game at 100 years old saying “This is Awesome, Baby!’ with a capital A.”

“Dick’s commitment and passion towards college basketball and towards ESPN for the past 39 years has been unmatched,” said Lee Fitting, ESPN vice president of college sports. “It’s tough to imagine that there has been a greater ambassador for the game of college basketball, and we are thrilled to have Dick on our air for years to come.”

This is the second Dick Vitale contract extension from ESPN in as many years.

He had his deal extended just last May. This new deal adds a year to it. The 78-year old reiterates that he wants to be the first person to call a basketball game at 100.

ESPN says that Vitale will continue calling "key matchups each week." He will also continue to contribute to shows such as SportsCenter during the regular season.

Vitale joined the network for the 1979-80 season. He previously served as head coach at University of Detroit, and briefly, the Detroit Pistons.

He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a broadcaster in 2008. While not everyone appreciates his style, the list of those who've done more for the sport is extremely short.