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Dick Vitale Continues To Go In On LaVar Ball On Twitter

On Thursday night, Vitale tweeted that if Lonzo Ball plays against NBA point guards like he did against De'Aaron Fox in the NCAA Tournament, that the new ZO2's will go for $4.95, rather than the $495 that they are retailing for.

The loquacious Vitale wasn't done, however. Dickie V continued to bash the father/son duo later on in the night.

It is definitely a bit jarring to see Vitale go this hard at someone, when he is usually so gracious towards just about everyone. However, Ball has a way of getting under people's skin. It's why he's been able to get so much publicity over the last year, and why he'll stay in the public consciousness for far longer than that if Lonzo turns into an NBA star and his other two sons succeed in similar ways.

And for what it's worth, Ball embraces all of the criticism that he has gotten, and it has probably played right into his plan to brand his sons the way that he has.