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Dick Vitale Rips LaVar, Lonzo Ball

Even Dick Vitale got in on the action.

Thursday afternoon, the Ball family unveiled Lonzo's new signature shoe from the Big Baller Brand. After Twitter roasted the shoe, LaVar Ball fired back at those complaining about the price point.

That very well could have been the end of it, but now Dick Vitale is joining the party.

The college basketball analyst ripped not only LaVar Ball, but his son's performance in the NCAA Tournament against De'Aaron Fox.

Here's the tweet from Dickie V.

Remind us to never get into a Twitter battle with the longtime college basketball analyst. Dickie V brought the heat here.

Of course, the majority of the Twitter audience exploded at the cost of the ZO2 sneakers, and then again when LaVar called people out just moments ago.

The circus that is the Big Baller Brand continues to gain eyeballs and yet, even more detractors.