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Dick Vitale Tweeted A Photo Of His Entire Filled-Out Bracket

Dick Vitale breaks down the 2018 NCAA Tournament bracket.

The NCAA Tournament bracket was revealed earlier tonight. Plenty of experts have already begun analyzing and making picks.

ESPN's Dick Vitale unveiled his national championship pick on live TV earlier. He is taking Michigan State over Virginia to win it all.

Vitale's Final Four is Michigan State, Virginia, Villanova and Gonzaga.

If you were wondering what his entire bracket looks like, wonder no more. Vitale tweeted a picture of it.

You will have to zoom in to see some of the picks, but they are all there. Check it out.

If you're looking for major first-round upsets, don't look here. Most of Vitale's early picks are as chalky as they come, though he does have 13th-seeded Charleston winning over No. 4 Auburn.

Some of Dickie V's most intriguing picks are Kentucky over Arizona in a huge second-round game, Tennessee making the Elite Eight and Florida over Texas Tech.

How does your bracket stack up with Dickie V's?