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Doug Gottlieb Expected To Make "Hard Run" At Oklahoma State Job

The college basketball analyst wanted the job last year.

Doug Gottlieb tried - and failed - to get the Oklahoma State men's basketball head coaching job last year. The Cowboys hired Stephen F. Austin's Brad Underwood instead.

Today, in a fairly unexpected move, Underwood left Oklahoma State for Illinois.

So, unsurprisingly, Gottlieb, who played at Oklahoma State, is expected to push hard for the now-open gig.

Gottlieb tweeted the following after Underwood's move was announced.

The 41-year-old analyst doesn't have any coaching experience, but his father was a coach and his brother is an assistant at Oregon State.

Gottlieb wrote the following statement last year after his run at the Oklahoma State job.

Over the last couple days, I have let it be known my desire to be the head coach at Oklahoma State," Gottlieb said in a statement released on Facebook. "Last Saturday I was at a fork in the road... Travis had been let go, and while people have said incredible things about me, I couldn't decide if I should stay on the fringes and let friends, fans and writers make my case or use my gift of gab to make it for myself. I have a plan, it is thorough and specific to OSU and I believe it will work. So, I chose to go All In. Cause that is me. Of the lessons I have learned in life, one of the biggest is that failing to try, is trying to fail." "My former teammates and other members of the basketball family have offered support and my coach Eddie Sutton gave me his backing as well," Gottlieb said. "Fans have come out of hiding and some students started a #BringDougHome campaign with videos that bring goosebumps to my skin.

Turns out I have friends, in low places.... If you sent one of the 1000s of emails to Coach Holder, if you tweeted, IG'd or called into a radio show to show support, thank you. I'm very happy that I made my feelings known and blown away by the people who believed and still believe in my leadership of Oklahoma State Basketball."

Gottlieb was endorsed by Oklahoma State great Eddie Sutton and OSU's AD even commented on the possibility of hiring him.

“I really don’t want to talk about the process or anything, but I will say this about Doug Gottlieb: if I didn’t know any better, I’d think my wife was his agent. I mean, she loves Doug Gottlieb. She’s been a fan of his since the first time he got on the radio in Oklahoma City. I mean, really, if you’re a Cowboy, how could you not like him? We’re so proud of what he’s done and been able to accomplish and the image he presents for our institution every time he’s on the radio or the television. I mean, what a great representative for us. He loves our university and he loved his time here. His wife’s from (Oklahoma) and he wants to raise his family in Stillwater. I’ve heard it all, you know? Who wouldn’t be excited and fired up about that? But I tell my wife all the time, he hasn’t coached a game. Now, she’ll point out, well neither had Fred Hoiberg, Steve Kerr. She knows the list of all those people. But I think it’s important to be rational about how we approach this. Would he be considered? Why not? But I think the kicker for him is, you’ve got to get over that he’s never coached a game and that’s huge.”

Will it be different this time around?