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Drexel Pulled Off The Biggest Comeback In College Basketball History On Thursday Night

While most of the headlines in the college basketball news cycle are focused on Yahoo's report Friday morning, there's another significant story that isn't getting nearly as much press. The biggest come-from-behind victory in D1 college basketball history happened last night. No, really.

Drexel, taking on Delaware, was down 53-19 with just over two minutes left the first half. But the Dragons put together a number of incredible runs in the second half, coming all the way back to score an 85-83 victory. The 34-point deficit is the largest in history in which a team won the game.

The score, at halftime, was 56-29. Drexel outscored Delaware 56-27 in the second half. Pretty wild.

Tramaine Isabell was the high scorer for the Dragons. He finished with 29 points, 12 rebounds and nine assists.

Here's video showing the highlights from the contest. As you'd imagine, the team celebrates wildly at the end after realizing what they've accomplished.

Drexel head coach Zach Spiker told his team at halftime that he thought it was possible. Apparently, he was right.

"Our approach at halftime was, let's make it happen," Drexel head coach Zach Spiker told ESPN by phone after the game. "Look, this has a chance to be the craziest comeback, a perfect storm. We turned it over, we came out soft. The opposite happened in the second half."

Congrats to the Dragons on the accomplishment.