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Duke's Players Did The Floor Slap While Playing Zone Defense Last Night

Duke's players slap the floor while playing a zone against Syracuse.

On Friday night Duke and Syracuse played a tight Sweet 16 game. In the end, the Blue Devils walked out with a victory and a date with the Kansas Jayhawks in the Elite Eight.

However, something they did last night caught the attention of the masses.

Late in the first half, Duke's players brought out the floor slap. They appeared to do so with Coach K's encouragement.

The floor slapping, though, came with Duke playing zone defense.

Now, usually, the floor slap comes in man-on-man defense when you're facing your opponent straight up. Was this lame?

Here's the play.

Of course, the play didn't sit well with many. The Twitter masses used their platform to critique Duke and Coach K.

Even former Duke star Grant Hill questioned if the floor slapping should be brought out in a zone defense.

Alas, they did it.

And now they're on to the Elite Eight.