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ESPN Makes Hilarious Error In Basketball Graphic

Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams discussing Duke-Louisville.

ESPN has one of the best graphics departments in the country. And yet, even they make mistakes sometimes.

That was the case on Wednesday afternoon as college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams broke down the tape for tonight's game between Louisville and Duke. While the two analysts looked at the impending matchup, and ESPN graphic showed the record for both teams.

Louisville sits at 18-9 on the season and No. 5 Duke holds a record of 22-5. However, ESPN's graphic displayed a hilariously inaccurate record for the Blue Devils.

Not only was the record inaccurate, it showed Duke with a sub-.500 record. Check it out below.

Oops! That's 20 more losses this season than the Blue Devils have. To be frank, this record isn't even possible as college basketball teams don't play 47 games in a regular season -- although we're sure a few North Carolina fans would love to see Duke with 25 losses in a season.

Louisville and Duke tip off tonight at 9 p.m. ET. A familiar face will be in attendance as well.

Longtime ESPN broadcaster Mike Patrick announced he's stepping down after 36 years with the company. Patrick will join ESPN’s commentator team of Dan Shulman, Jay Bilas and Maria Taylor for an on-air segment. Duke also plans to honor Patrick with an in-arena salute to him and his exceptional career.