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ESPN Is Having Major Issues With This College Basketball Broadcast Tonight

North Carolina and Syracuse are playing a big college basketball game on ESPN tonight. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to see very much of it.

The broadcast, televised on ESPN's main channel, had issues from the start. It was really choppy and the feed kept blacking out.

So, ESPN took the game off the air. It went back into its college basketball pregame show feed.

Eventually, the game came back. But there was no audio.

ESPN then had its studio show anchor, Adnan Virk, do the commentary, along with the in-studio analysts. The audio from the in-game announcers wasn't working.

Neither was the regular camera angles. So they were forced to do this above shot:

A Syracuse player looks at the ceiling.
UNC playing Syracuse in basketball.

The video feed still wasn't great. It was choppy and, at one point, the screen went entirely red.

A red screen on ESPN.

It's currently North Carolina 13, Syracuse 7. There's a little under 12 minutes to play.

Stay tuned for more updates.