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ESPN Under Fire For Its Latest 30 For 30 About John Calipari

John Calipari during warmups prior to a Kentucky game.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - MARCH 28: Head coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats looks on during a practice session ahead of the 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament Midwest Regional at Sprint Center on March 28, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

Viewers trolled ESPN after its latest 30 for 30 documentary aired last night.

John Calipari.

When you hear the name, what do you think? Great college basketball coach? Greasy car salesman?

Coach Cal has earned many monikers throughout his time as a college basketball coach, starting with his run at UMass. He's one of the most polarizing figures in college basketball, and he's not going anywhere.

Last night, ESPN aired its 30 for 30, entitled "One And Not Done," which focused on Calipari's use of one-and-done athletes. Starting with his rise through the ranks of college basketball, the documentary featured Coach Cal's ability to produce NBA talent and compete at every level of the game. Whether taking lowly UMass to the Final Four, or winning a championship at Kentucky, Cal's success can't be denied.

Many who watched the documentary, however, didn't like the approach, and claimed ESPN just created yet another recruiting tool for Coach Cal to use at Kentucky.

Here's some of the reaction to "One And Not Done."

Cal has made many enemies throughout the years and it looks like they're here to stay. Meanwhile, he had three outstanding freshman enter the NBA Draft this year -- De'Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, and Bam Adebayo. It's no wonder why Kentucky consistently boasts some of the best draft classes in the country, as Cal consistently churns out NBA talent.