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ESPN's Joe Lunardi Unveils New No. 1 Seed

A picture of Joe Lunardi with a bracket graphic.


The NCAA Tournament guru has unveiled a new No. 1 seed.

Saturday was a crazy day in the college basketball world. The NCAA Tournament's seeding projections have been altered quite a bit.

We saw several top teams go down on Saturday. In total, six top 25 teams went down.

Included in those losses are multiple highly-ranked teams. Duke, Kansas and Arizona, all top 10 teams, lost.

This has led Joe Lunardi to do a re-shuffling of his NCAA Tournament seed projections. Most notably, we have a new No. 1 seed.

The Blue Devils have been dropped from the top seed line. Who's taken their place?

Xavier. The Musketeers beat Georgetown in overtime on Saturday and have been bumped up to a No. 1.

Chris Mack's team is now 21-3 on the season, 9-2 in the Big East. They're currently projected to be a No. 1 seed.

This means the Big East is currently projected to get two No. 1 seeds. Villanova, the country's No. 1 team, is also on the top seed line.

It's probably unlikely that the Big East ends up with two No. 1s come Selection Sunday. Still, it's likely that the conference will have multiple Final Four contenders come March.