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Frank Kaminsky, ESPN's Dan Dakich Get Into It On Twitter

The former Wisconsin star and the college basketball analyst got into it on social media.

Dan Dakich, a sports radio host and college basketball analyst for ESPN, often gets annoyed when people say college athletes on full scholarships are "exploited."

He tweeted the following earlier today.

The tweet appeared to strike a nerve with former star Wisconsin student-athlete Frank Kaminsky, who was part of a Badgers' basketball program that made multiple deep runs in the NCAA Tournament, making the school millions of dollars. The two have since been going at it on Twitter and it's getting personal. It started with Kaminsky telling Dakich he has "no idea" what he's talking about.

Dakich, a former college player, coach and the father of a current player, took exception to this.

Kaminsky then pulled the old-man card, saying it's different now than when he played or coached.

Dakich then called him a "clown." Yikes.

More back-and-forth ensued.

Dakich then questioned Kaminsky's work ethic, claiming the players worked a lot harder back when he was in school.

And then it ended, of course, with a Donald Trump joke.

That's at least a 9/10 on the Twitter wars scale. Well done, gentlemen.