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Grayson Allen Wore A 'Don't Trip' Hat On Saturday

Grayson Allen shushes the crowd during a Duke game.

The Duke star had some fun with his very public tripping history.

Grayson Allen developed a habit of throwing his legs into people on the basketball court over the past couple of years.

Like this:

And this: And this?

Allen didn't have any incidents toward the end of Duke's season and, hopefully, he's matured and won't be doing anything like this again.

It looks like he maybe has.

On Saturday, Allen was spotted wearing a hat that read "Don't Trip" on the side.

Maybe it's a reminder for him that he's not on a basketball court and he shouldn't be tripping anyone. Or, hopefully, it's him poking fun at himself, a sign that he's past all of it.

Well played, Grayson.