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Here Are The Final 4s For The 2 Remaining Perfect Brackets

The Spun NCAA Tournament bracket.

Millions of brackets for the NCAA Tournament were made on platforms all around the country. However, only two of those brackets remain perfect with the first weekend of March Madness coming to an end.

The odds of getting every pick correct seem nearly impossible, but perhaps this is the year that it happens. In order for either one of these two brackets to stay perfect, it'll need its Final Four selections to continue their winning ways.

With the afternoon session of college hoops already underway between Tennessee and Iowa, it appears the Volunteers are on their way to a trip to the Sweet 16. This is ideal for the two brackets because they have Rick Barnes leading his crew to an extended postseason run.

One of the brackets actually has Tennessee winning the national championship this April.

The Final Four teams for this bracket on Yahoo! Sports features Tennessee, Michigan State, North Carolina and Michigan.

Not only does this feature interesting picks, but it also stays away from the trendy selection in Duke. However, the other perfect bracket is very high on the Blue Devils.

This bracket for the official NCAA website has Gonzaga winning the national title, as Duke, Virginia and Kentucky round out the Final Four.

We'll see if either contestant can enter the second week of the tournament with a perfect bracket. Regardless, it's impressive to see them make it this far considering how an upset can happen at any moment.

For those wanting to see a perfect bracket in their lifetime, it'd be best to root for the four previously-mentioned programs.