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Here's How Many Perfect Brackets Are Left On ESPN After Day One

Dan's SPUN bracket.

How's your bracket looking?

There were 16 NCAA Tournament games on Thursday, and it's more likely than not that you failed to guess the correct winner of each matchup. Unless, of course, you're part of the number that ESPN just put out below.

According to ESPN, of the 18.8 million brackets submitted on The Worldwide Leader's site, just 154,283 remain perfect. Pretty amazing.

Of course, ESPN isn't the only site to offer a bracket challenge out there. But they do hold the biggest one each year.

The funny thing? There were only two upsets on Thursday. Minnesota and Maryland were the only higher-ranked teams to lose their games.

As a reminder - there is no proof that anyone has ever put together a perfect bracket throughout the tournament. Will 2017 see the first person do it?