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Here's How Much Louisville Could Have To Pay Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino at press a conference.


Louisville might have to pay Pitino a handsome amount.

On Wednesday afternoon, Louisville placed men's basketball coach Rick Pitino on unpaid administrative leave.

Pitino has a clause in his contract that states he must receive 10 days notice before Louisville can fire him, which is likely why he wasn't immediately fired.

Thursday morning, CBS' Dana Jacobson reported that Pitino is "Coach 2" from the FBI report released Tuesday.

Despite the report, Pitino has maintained his innocence. If it turns out Pitino was "effectively fired" as his attorney states, without cause, Louisville could end up paying his full buyout.

If it turns out Pitino is in fact "Coach 2" from the FBI's investigation, Louisville would likely be able to fire him "with cause" and not pay him.

We'll keep you updated with the latest from this investigation.