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Here’s The Best Bracket In The Country Ahead Of Thursday Night’s Games

If you're like us, your NCAA Tournament bracket isn't doing so hot right now. It definitely isn't looking as nice as the one below from the person in first place in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.

A participant in the Fans of North Carolina group with the username RStarJr 18 correctly predicted 30 of the first 32 games. He then nailed 13 of the 16 teams that reached the Sweet 16.

RStarJr 18 only missed on Texas A&M, Purdue and Syracuse. He had UNC, Butler and Michigan State in his bracket instead.

Additionally, he still has all four of his Final Four teams left. They are Loyola-Chicago, Gonzaga, Villanova and Duke. He has Gonzaga over Villanova in the national championship game.

Butler is the only team from his Elite Eight that has been eliminated. Overall, his picks are looking pretty, pretty good.

Here’s his entire bracket. He’s done surprisingly well considering all of the upsets this year.

The best bracket in the country through one round.

There’s another user in ESPN’s challenge that has the same number of points – 560. But his potential max point total is much lower.

The Sweet 16 begins tonight at 7:07 p.m. ET on CBS. There are four games tonight and four more on Friday.