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Here's Why Katina Powell Was Arrested Earlier Today

Katina Powell's mug shot.

Self-proclaimed madam Katina Powell, the central figure in the Louisville basketball scandal, found herself back in trouble with the law today. She was arrested on theft and forgery charges.

According to, Powell is accused of cashing stolen and forged checks. Per the arrest report, on April 24 Powell cashed three checks that were stolen and forged, totaling $92,000.

Incredibly, Powell was arrested after appearing in court for an eviction hearing. She is being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

In her mugshot, Powell is wearing a Louisville football shirt.

This isn't Powell's first brush with the law. Back in January, she was cited for allegedly shoplifting at Walmart.

Powell is best known for her involvement in the sex scandal that took down Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino. In a tell-all book, Powell alleges she staffed stripping and sex parties for Louisville basketball players over a period of several years.

According to Powell, former Louisville assistant coach Andre McGee was aware of and financed the parties.