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Here's Why The Arizona Cheerleader Was Ejected

A screenshot of Arizona-Arizona State.

Rivalry games get intense. However, on Thursday night we saw something we're not accustomed to seeing in a rivalry game -- a cheerleader was ejected from the contest.

We're used to seeing players, coaches, and perhaps even fans get ejected from intense rivalry games when the juices get flowing. But a cheerleader?

Well, that's exactly what happened Thursday night when Arizona took on Arizona State in a pivotal Pac-12 contest between top-25 teams.

No. 25 Arizona State held a 50-47 lead over No. 17 Arizona near the midway point of the second half. Arizona State guard Remy Martin walked to the free throw line, but was heckled by the cheerleader.

Now, heckling is nothing new to the game, but this cheerleader took it up a notch. According to the Arizona Republic, the cheerleader used a megaphone to magnify his heckling.

The ref wasn't having it. Here's what referee Randy McCall said about the incident.

"He was yelling, using the [megaphone] to call out people by name, which is not acceptable," McCall said to the Arizona Republic. "And he was asked to please stop, and he chose not to."

Here's video of the incident.

Arizona walked out with a 77-70 win.

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