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High Schooler Shakes The Earth, Sends Crowd Into Frenzy With Monster Dunk

Chase Hunter throws down a monster dunk in a high school game.


High school sophomore Chase Hunter threw down a grown-man dunk on Tuesday, sending the entire gym into pure pandemonium.

Chase Hunter is a just sophomore at Westlake High School in Atlanta, but on Tuesday night he threw down a dunk that probably aged him by a full decade.

Look at this:

Yeah, that's seriously one of the best high school dunks I've ever seen. New rule: You should legally be allowed to go straight into the NBA if you can throw down a dunk like that. Here's another angle:

But honestly, what was the defender even thinking there? It looked like he was trying to draw a charge, but instead he got put in a body bag. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Hunter has offers from both Mississippi State and Auburn, and I'm sure he'll have plenty more coming his way after footage of this dunk gets around.