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Here's How Many Perfect Brackets Remain On ESPN After USC's Big Upset Of SMU

Most basketball fans did not expect USC basketball to knock off SMU, a seven-point favorite in the East Region 6 vs. 11 match-up. With the Trojans win, there are fewer than 5,000 perfect brackets left at ESPN.

After last night, over 154,000 of the 18.8 million brackets submitted were still spotless. That number is quickly dwindling, and the SMU loss is a big culprit.

81.7-percent of brackets had SMU advancing to the Round of 32, and this author can verify what ESPN's Matthew Berry says below: many of us really, really liked the Mustangs against Baylor (or New Mexico State). Alas...

The other results today haven't been all that crazy, which makes the impact of the SMU loss even more impressive. Other than the Trojans, we wins by No. 7 Michigan, No. 3 Baylor, No. 8 Arkansas, No. 3 Oregon, and No. 2 Louisville, all favorites in their match-ups. There could be another decent upset on the horizon, however. No. 11 Rhode Island is up 35-26 early in the second half on Creighton in the Midwest Region.