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How Many Points LaVar Ball's AAU Team Lost By On Saturday

LaVar Ball gives speech to AAU team.

The Big Ballers got crushed on Saturday.

Saturday was not a good day to be a Big Baller.

LaVar Ball's AAU team, the Big Ballers, which are led by his son, five-star point guard LaMelo Ball, got crushed in a tournament by the Compton Magic.

The final score: 109-57.

The Compton Magic seemed to enjoy their blowout quite a bit, according to USA TODAY.

When one of the Magic’s players scored on a thunderous dunk to put Compton ahead by 50 points the crowd erupted, and Ball, who’d been talking almost non-stop since tipoff, could only grin.

A few minutes later, Ball opened his mouth again and told one of his players, “This ain’t nothing but entertainment. You want to know what I’m going to do when I get out of here? I’m going to get a burger, lay down and take a nap.’’

Timmy Allen, who heckled Ball while running up and down the court at times Saturday while shutting down LaMelo, made sure to catch Ball’s attention after the crowd-pleasing dunk that put Compton ahead 74-24.

Ball has certainly been getting a lot of bad publicity lately.