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Jay Bilas Blasts NCAA Tournament Committee's Initial Rankings

Jay Bilas breaks down 2019 college basketball favorites.

The ESPN college basketball analyst said some of the decisions are "laughable."

The NCAA Tournament selection committee unveiled today its initial rankings. The committee seeded the top teams in the country, No. 1 to No. 16.

Of course, some of the committee's decisions and thought processes are questionable. Or, to better put it, controversial.

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas, for instance, doesn't seem to agree with many of them. He thinks they're "laughable."

"A few of the decisions in the bracket preview Top 16 seeds are laughable. I hope this was just to create controversy and discussion. Otherwise, the Committee is wasting its time.

The Committee’s quadrant system is just more shaky data to organize information for less discerning minds. All of the quad data is based upon RPI. Garbage in, garbage out.

For example, a road win over Rider is valued the same as a home win over Villanova. Both are Quadrant 1 wins. That makes no sense. Based upon RPI," Bilas tweeted.

He certainly didn't hold back.

These were the committee's rankings:

Selection Sunday is a month away. It's set for Sunday, March 11.