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ESPN's Jay Williams: College Basketball Players Should Boycott Final Four

Earlier today, ESPN's Jalen Rose said that college basketball players should boycott the NCAA Tournament. Now, his colleague Jay Williams has added to that discussion.

There is increased discussion about changes to the NCAA model to allow for compensation for players, in the wake of the reports on the FBI's investigation into college hoops. On Monday's episode of Jalen & Jacoby, the former Michigan superstar argued that players should boycott NCAA Tournament games.

“I wish NCAA players understood the power that they now have. In a climate of so many things that are changing, so many discussions that have now come to the forefront that have been closeted for so very long – for a multitude of reasons. I wish NCAA players would exercise that power by boycotting the NCAA tournament.”

The NCAA Tournament is the primary moneymaker for the organization, and is the most public event that the sport has by a large margin. College basketball is not a huge sport everywhere from October through February, but it dominates the landscape for the three weeks of March Madness.

Jay Williams agrees with Rose's argument, and he wants to see players take things a step further. He thinks players should specifically boycott the Final Four.

The former Duke superstar and No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft posted a one-minute video on the subject this evening. Via Twitter:

Here's what Jay Williams says in his brief video.

"I agree, players should boycott, but it's how you boycott that is going to be the major difference.


You can essentially equate a scholarship to the salary cap of the NBA. They're both big businesses. Business goes across the board. So as gross revenue increases, guess what happens in the NBA? The salary cap rises. But as gross revenue increases in collegiate sports, in particular college basketball, the scholarship stays absolutely the same. That's a problem.

We saw U.S.A. women's soccer do the same exact thing when they felt they weren't getting equitable wages to their male counterparts. They boycotted.

But wouldn't it be a crazy thing if we saw players actually, just not boycott a game in the NCAA Tournament, but boycott the Final Four. Imagine how quickly the NCAA would recognize that it's just not only a business for themselves, but also a business for athletes themselves? That's how you make change."

Williams is currently on ESPN during halftime of Florida vs. Alabama. We'll see if he expands on things at all.