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Look: NCAA's Women's Final Four Location Gets Criticized

National anthem during the women's Final Four

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - APRIL 01: The Louisville Cardinals stand for the national anthem before taking on the South Carolina Gamecocks during the semifinals of the NCAA Womens Basketball Tournament at the Target Center on April 1, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Ben Solomon/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

The 2023 NCAA Women's Final Four will be held in Dallas, and the NCAA announced on Monday that the event will be in San Antonio in 2029 and return to Dallas in 2031.

The decision to hold three of the next nine Final Fours in the state of Texas isn't sitting well with some, given the state's strict abortion ban.

"Why are we still doing Texas when women don't have rights to bodily autonomy there?" asked lawyer and producer Kelsey Trainor.

"100% - @NCAA needs to answer for this," added ESPN's Sarah Spain.

"Y’all there’s more than 1 state on this list where women athletes’ health could be endangered if they travel there to play IMO this requires a long hard stare in the mirror for those folks in Indi," said Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Board Member Marianna Whitehurst.

"Of the next 9 final fours, only 1 is being held in a state that is not hostile to women’s rights. 8 FFs awarded to cities in states that actively legislate against women’s autonomy," one fan added. 

After being held in Dallas in 2023, the Women's Final Four will move to Cleveland in 2024, Tampa in 2025 and Phoenix in 2026.

The 2027-31 Final Fours are set for Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Portland and Dallas.