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Look: Women's College Basketball Court Setup Takes Major Heat

Women's NCAA college basketball rack.

(Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images)

This weekend's Las Vegas Invitational was supposed to be a legitimate showcase for women's college basketball.

Instead, what transpired was what one person called "the Fyre Festival of women's basketball." There were issues with facilities, fan experience, player amenities, you name it.

Women's college hoops analyst Meghan McKeown has many of them documented in the thread below.

The entire tournament was played in a ballroom at The Mirage hotel with no stands set up for spectators.

Things were reportedly so bad that the event's site coordinator, Ryan Polk, told ESPN he "apologized to players, coaches, fans and referees about the tournament conditions, which have been discussed on social media."

Teri Moren, the head coach of the sixth-ranked Indiana Hoosiers, also had some choice words for tournament organizers. 

"I think there are other people who probably need to apologize as well for wanting us to come and play in this event and making promises, if you will," Moren said, via ESPN's M.A. Voepel. "This is not what was described to us a far as what the venue was going to look like, what the setup was going to look like.

"What was disappointing was the aesthetics; it's not a fan-friendly environment. As women's basketball coaches, we're trying to move our game forward. It felt like because [this] got so many ticks on social, that we had taken a couple steps backward. We have an obligation to grow our game, and we completely missed on this opportunity because you have a lot of really good teams that are here. I see all these other tournaments going on and footage of that, but this was a major miss."

Indiana wound up winning the event, beating Memphis in the championship game.