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Suspended Morehead State Coach Allegedly Head-Butted A Player Last Year

Morehead State basketball coach allegedly head-butted a player last year.

Parents of Morehead State basketball players have asked the school to terminate the employment of Sean Woods.

Woods is suspended indefinitely without pay after he was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor battery for allegedly assaulting Malik Maitland and Soufiyane Diakite last month. But that's not the only alleged incident that has parents concerned.

According to ESPN, Edson Maitland, father of Morehead State basketball player Malik Maitland, said his son told him that Woods head-butted him last season. Maitland said that Woods apologized after the alleged incident and promised it would not happen again. Maitland accepted the apology, yet apparently Woods wasn't finished.

Sean Woods was charged with misdemeanor battery, according to court documents obtained by WTVQ. Woods allegedly assaulted Malik Maitland again, this time backhanding Maitland in his chest at halftime of a Nov. 19 matchup at Evansville. Woods also allegedly shoved Diakite during and after the game.