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NCAA Admits It Blew Goaltending Call In Gonzaga-Northwestern

Northwestern and Gonzaga players battle for a rebound.

The refs missed a big call late in Gonzaga-Northwestern today.

Chris Collins was irate late in the second half of Northwestern's NCAA Tournament loss to No. 1 seed Gonzaga today - and for good reason.

The referees missed a blatant goaltending block by the Bulldogs, costing his team two key points as they attempted to come back. Collins drew a technical foul, Gonzaga made both free throws, and Northwestern was bounced from the dance a couple of minutes later.

Gonzaga was probably going to win with or without the missed call - the Bulldogs were leading big for most of the game and by five points at the time of the play - but it was a huge moment that got screwed up.

Here's the full sequence.

The NCAA admitted post-game that the call was missed.

“With 4:57 remaining in this evening’s second-round game between Gonzaga and Northwestern, the officials missed a rules violation when a Gonzaga defender put his arm through the rim to block a shot. Rule 9, Section 15 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Book covers Basket Interference and Goaltending. Article 2.a.3 states that basket interference occurs when a player reaches through the basket from below and touches the ball before it enters the cylinder. Replays showed the Gonzaga defender violated this rule, which should have resulted in a scored basket by Northwestern.“Subsequently, with 4:54 remaining in the game and based on bench decorum rules outlined in the rules book, a technical foul was assessed to Northwestern head coach Chris Collins for coming on to the floor to argue the non-call while the ball was in play.”

Collins' reaction says it all.

Gonzaga will face No. 4 seed West Virginia in the Sweet 16 next week.