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NCAA Getting Crushed For Not Making Army Veteran Eligible

The NCAA is currently being criticized for its treatment of an Army veteran.

Isaiah Brock, a 22-year-old Army veteran who served in the 54th Quartermaster Mortuary Affairs Company, has been ruled ineligible to play college basketball at Oakland (Mich.) by the NCAA.

Basically, the first-year player didn't have great grades in high school, before enrolling in the Army, and despite doing well on the ACT and getting Bs in two summer courses at Oakland, he's been deemed ineligible because of those HS grades.

Brock, who grew from 6 feet to 6-foot-8 while in the Army, caught the attention of college coaches during some armed forces' basketball events overseas, and was going to play for Oakland this season. But now he can't. And people aren't happy.

This is something that the NCAA can fix. Make it happen, NCAA.