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Mississippi State's Nick Weatherspoon Carted Off Floor After Opponent Accidentally Stepped On His Face

Nick Weatherspoon lays on the court after injury.

We've got a potentially scary injury to report from the Mississippi State vs. Tennessee game in the SEC Tournament on Friday night.

Mississippi State guard Nick Weatherspoon, after injuring his hip on a fast break play, wasn't able to stand up and move himself from under the basket. Play continued, and on the subsequent Bulldogs fast break, Weatherspoon was hit in the face by a Tennessee player's foot.

Weatherspoon needed to be carted off the floor and is now headed to the hospital for neck x-rays. His brother, Quindarry Weatherspoon, also plays for Mississippi State and will finish the game for his team.

Here's video of the entire sequence. Some are wondering whether the referees should have stopped the game to get Weatherspoon out of harm's way.

Here's another look - which shows where Weatherspoon got hit.

Mississippi State has confirmed that Weatherspoon suffered a neck injury. It's unclear how severe that injury is.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Weatherspoon. Let's hope it's not as serious as it looks.