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Notre Dame Assistant Ryan Ayers Posts Incredible Throwback Photo With Princeton Star Devin Cannady

Notre Dame and Princeton face off in the first NCAA Tournament game of the day in just over an hour.

The matchup will be a reunion of sorts for Notre Dame assistant coach Ryan Ayers and Princeton sophomore guard Devin Cannady, the Tigers' leading scorer.

You see, Cannady is a native of Mishawaka, Ind. Before he was a Division I guard, he was just your average Notre Dame fan in the Hoosier State.

Ayers played for Notre Dame from 2006-09, and this morning, he posted an incredible throwback photo. It shows Cannady as a young boy, clad in Notre Dame gear, asking for Ayers' autograph.

This is an improbable (and awesome) connection.

Wouldn't it be something if Princeton upsets Notre Dame and Cannady has a huge game? No matter who wins, fate is a pretty wild thing.